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Coco, the coolest piggy in Fort Greene.

Forget about those double decker bus tours. Do this instead.

Fascinating read about the sale of Stuy Town. Billions lost in a single deal by the titans of NYC real estate.

Treetop view from a sweet little rental in Cobble Hill. Freedom Tower in the distance.

I’ve been traveling these past couple weeks. Home very soon.

Irsten Horowitz’s year in NYC in 365 seconds.

Who’s got your back?  A great question that every buyer and seller should be able to confidently answer before going into a real estate transaction.

Interesting choice of ride.

Our new Stribling office is on this stretch of Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn.  We love our neighbors!

Little loves in Fort Greene Park


I always considered Spider-Man the Buster Keaton of superheroes. Now, I have proof.

(via thedaddycomplex)

Luxury-apartment owners in Manhattan are listing a record amount of properties for sale, testing the upper limits of what buyers are willing to pay.

A Big Advocate of French in New York’s Schools: France

Opening soon in Bryant Park.

Another storm is on the way.

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